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Reviews for "ThePowerOfWhat"

Great freakin game! Anyone succeeded in getting past level -2?!

I would love to see more meta-type stuff like this. However, the method of getting to -2 seemed a bit random... not really in keeping with the rest of the progression. And getting past -2 ha stumped me so far. Keep it up!!

this game was a literal trip, it really makes you think about what you can do and is consistent about everything. while it took me half an hour to beat this, it was all worth it.

Great game, i like the design :) But can you please give a hint or something on how to reach level -3 and below? I didn't find any helpful reviews...
EDIT: I reached both levels -3 and -4 but then I looked back at the reviews and saw that -4 is not the end, can i have help getting past level -4 please?



So I reached lvl -2, is that the end or is there more?

EDIT im not sure how, but I reached lvl -3.

wow found -4, but it said it's finished I think. Is there more?

More Spoiler

regarding reaching lvl -4, if you're not directly on the platform as you walk left you get sent back to -1. as long as you're slightly in the air you end up sent back. Bug?

more bugs. on lvl -2 the left most top enemy. if you jump on it and the music never played once in the lvl, then you die even if you jump on top.

lvl -4 if you end up with 6 1-ups, you can reset again and have 7 1-ups. if you use one 1-up on the plant, then you end up with 6 more to use if you pick up the 1-up again. if you use a total of 7 1-ups, the plant reverts to a previous form (I think 3 or 4 1-up form?) not sure if that's intended.

I have gotten to level negative 5 after being away from newgrounds for a while. I now have beat the game and got the real ending!

joqlepecheur responds:

Hi, thanks a lot for the information
>> i fixed tree bug
>> it is now easier to reach -3 from -2
Regarding killer foe in -2, I may have a look later, I think it's due to poor collision. As of being sent back to -1 if you are out of bounds in -3 or anywhere it is working as expected.

Nope, -4 is not the end, remember a place with almost the exact same word ;) ?

I don't get -1.