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Reviews for "ThePowerOfWhat"

Can i have a hint? still cant figure out level 0. great game tho

Great game!
Simple but is not, awesome idea to learn how to think outside the box!
We need more games like this one!

these games are awesome they make you think which unfortunately not a lot do their mostly kill n grill types, im so happy you made me think

Nice little puzzle platformer that plays with lots of common platformer mechanics.

Would have loved to discuss some of the mechanics, but it would be spoilers considering the game is all about its hidden mechanics. Just gonna say, pay very close attention the level title at the top and it can mean it quite literally.

I just can't figure out level 0 for the life of me. @_@
I probably failed to figure out a power. (I didn't even realize you could turn the music on to make them move until after I beat the game.)