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Reviews for "ThePowerOfWhat"

Still cant figure out how to use "power of death". Yeah, dev says that "death is subtraction of life", but, its seems more about "level -1" negative number. Tried to kill stuff, to resurrect stuff, to get "you lose" on -1 and 9 level - its all useless.

Cool concept though I've learnt pretty quick how to cheat the game. I've seen all the levels from 0-9. I think at least that's all, since I can't put two digits level. The fact that 8 and 6 look so similar confused me, but overall I liked the game, and don't blame you for the font though it should be reconsidered for the next game.

Keep doing what you do!

Had a lot of fun though I almost tore my hair out on lvl4...I wanted to solve it using the 1UPS and the monster...

I got to the "end screen" I wonder what's beyond.

This was really fun! Such an amazing concept :D I think I found all the levels (from -1 to 9)

joqlepecheur responds:

No you didn't ;)

Kind of an interesting game. Basic platforming and art style with a twist. I could kind of of get the hang of the first few levels, but stuggled with how the mechanics were supposed to work for the rest of the levels. Pretty meta game. Nothing super crazy.