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Reviews for "ThePowerOfWhat"

I loved the game i could not reach level -1 but the rest of the game was awesome I hope that you make more meta games in the future

how the f*** u beat lvl3 and the Countdown ist preaty anoying Overall not bad

Fascinating game and very difficult at times. This game is meta but interesting in that you can use Music and 1-UP items to help resolve problems that prevent the stage from being completed.

The graphics are very retro and remind me of the GameBoy Pocket for some reason.

The audio and sound effects remind me of even older gaming consoles.

Overall, fun game. Did not run into any bugs or glitches so that's good. :D

joqlepecheur responds:

Well you have previous people to thanks I fixed one or two things thanks to that ;)
Main issue is the hitbox of foes that is a bit unpredictable: when you jump on them sometimes you die a bit unfairly

Interesting puzzles. Besides the platforming, I haven't seen anything like this in awhile. However, having the 1 Ups readily available seems like they are a little bit too accessible which in some ways kind of takes away the challenging aspects of these puzzles.
Maybe like an earning system where players have to figure out smaller portions of the levels first before earning their 1 Ups would've made these puzzles a little bit more challenging.

sry tried to explain that as best as i could
i guess what im trying to say is that i love your puzzles and having 1 Ups makes it interesting, i just wish i had to earn the 1 ups more before completing a level to keep the puzzles both interesting & challenging.

joqlepecheur responds:

I get your point!
Well, it isn't easy to balance for a diverse crowd, I wanted to focus the challenge of understanding the new element of each level rather than build on previous ones.

I beat level -2. Was there anything after that?

joqlepecheur responds:

nope well played
Edit: now there are