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Reviews for "ThePowerOfWhat"

omg, I love this game to bits and pieces! The mechanics of this game are just absolutely amazing! thank you joqlepecheur for creating this game it is so awesome! Please continue making games like this and your career as a game designer or whatever you want to be will be very successful!

joqlepecheur responds:

thanks for the encouragement :)

I got to 9 but wasn't sure what to do, but that game was pretty neat and unique! I loved it.

Unable to finish level 1, broken. Make a tutorial or something

This game was fun to clear, but the way you reach level -2 is ridiculous.

Cool concept.
It took me waaay too much time to understand what the permanency power does, not realizing I was already using it for most of the game now...
And I somehow got to -2. For the love of me, I have NO idea how. I just tried dying on -1 and it didn't work, and after retrying it later it did work? What?

Anyway, the hitboxes are kinda weird.
I managed to beat levels 0-9 before realizing music and player were even a thing.
Just holding 'Jump' on the narrow hallways will hit the 'Squish' hitbox of the enemy.
Holding 'Jump' while reviving yourself on spikes will resurrect you jumping, thus managing to avoid them instead of dying again, making levels with long spike roads a joke.
Also, while moving into an enemy from behind while music is ON will kill them.
Bottom line is, I suggest trying to make the game unbeatable w/o music and player.

And for the sake of the human race, HOW DID I REACH -2??