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Reviews for "ThePowerOfWhat"


I reached Level -1 but cant figure out how to get to level -2, so I crawled trough the comments and found the solution. But it makes absolutely no sense for me. Why do I need this special amount of points and have to die, use a 1-UP, die again and wait for the timer to reach "4"?
Dont know how I could find such a solution. Can someone tell me?

Anyway, nice game. Like the approach.

joqlepecheur responds:

Points are not relevant to the solution. Thanks !

I found the game really fun as you did the opposite of what the last level tell you to do XD

really nice. got stock two times though on level 0 with zero lives, still, was really fun

I love that the sounds make different pitches at random! what a cute touch. Glad you took the metroid approach, where the player learns on their own to progress. Level 9 can't be the end...

the greatest game and game mechanics, the only downfall is my sheer stupidity and my lack to solve puzzles.

joqlepecheur responds:

don't sell yourself short, the last puzzles are not very straight forward !