Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

It was a good game at first but my character froze midway through the game and I coukdn't move for the rest of the game


This is a good game its a hotline miami inspirated game (obvius) is good but no its frenetic like hotline miami y like the game but the enemies are easy to kill and slows no is the best game of madness but isn't bad. (I'm sorry if I have had any spelling mistakes I speak Spanish).


Este es un buen juego es un juego inspirado en hotline miami (obvio) es bueno pero no es frenetico como hotline miami me gusta el juego pero los enemigos son faciles de matar y son lentos no es el mejor juego de madness pero no es malo.

Shouldn't it be Hotline Nevada? Great game tho.

It's nice!

A for effort i guess