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Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

Slow, visually uninteresting, combat lacks a punch and sense of danger. The only similarity this has with Hotline Miami is the top-down perspective.

This is a really fun game - I really do.

Thing is, with a name encompassing Nevada with a character using a gun... just feels like incredibly bad timing. I am actually surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

io3creations responds:

Probably wasn't mentioned, because:
1) Those that commented are familiar with the Madness series.
2) The game was uploaded two days prior to the incident.

At first glimpse, I thought: "Holy Krinkels' 2d Cock, FUCKIN' FINALLY!"
After playing like, for a minute, the only sound I could make was just "meh".
Way to be a buzzkill, lad. I was expecting IMPROVEMENTS since "Will it Slice", but instead you've gone downhill.
But, TBH, if you could made this a bit, you know, FASTER, like in the actual Hotline Miami or Madness Combat, and with a bit more variety to weapons(make Shotgun shoot differently from the Pistol, damn it!) this could be a pretty decent game. Despite the crappy, 2004-like graphics, nevermind the fact what Hank's Head has NORMAL HUMAN PEACHY SKIN for some reason, instead of the typicall MC bright hue of gray, or his mask's Black.
Half a star added for the music, it was actually pretty good and fitting.

io3creations responds:

My current Flash game engine can't handle the Hotline Miami type gameplay and don't have time to update it. But the Unity one will! That game'll have a better resemblance to Hotline Miami . ;)

As for the sking color, I changed it due to visibility reasons.

it wasn´t bad but from hotline miami i expected to die after one hit. this was super easy. and the ending was sooooooooooooooooooo anticlimatic. I really expected a boss of some sort. otherwise not bad.

io3creations responds:

You'll get a boss fight next time! :)

I like Hotline Miami, I love Madness Combat, So... What's here not to hate?

Also, GGs for the jojo reference.

Only complaints: Bullets are too slow and the main character doesn't look like Hank.

io3creations responds:


Hank's skin color was changed for visibility reasons so he doesn't blend into the background.