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Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

As I've seen, people seem to really hate this game, specifically RenegadeV, but why? This game potential! If you would've read the author comments, you would know that! I apologize for these idiots, publisher. You can do whatever you want. The game needs a little buffing but that's all.

I was trying to enjoy the game, despite it's low quality, and I actually did find it passable and something that could be built up from and improved.

But that ending was the biggest slap in the face I've ever seen in any game ever. Not even Mass Effect 3's ending was that fucking disappointing. You shouldn't have released the game in this state man.

argh all that ammo and i thot there'd be a big final boss and its just to be continued...ah well..it was fun but felt like one of those simple stick figure games...cept birds eye view.

It's… "meh". Everything is too slow for a game associated with both Hotline Miami and Madness Combat, and it's really not visually appealing. It's not nervous, it's not brutal, it's not graphic, the level design is poor… Rooms are big and empty, the characters are too small on the screen, the weapon pick up system, as well as the health and ammo system are really not dynamic and lame, the music doesn't fit the pace of the game…
Associating this game with masterpieces of brutal, dynamic game design and animation really is dishonest, you should know what people love about Hotline Miami and Madness Combat, and this game have none of it.

Ya know what? GFYS for that ending. Why even release this? Totally, GFYS
Clearly most people on here aren't old enough to know you just ripped off the Nintendo version of Mission Impossible, stripped it down to a room by room point and click, And did a piss poor lazy job while slapping a 'madness' theme on it to get views.
you even cut'n'past the pitfalls. Just pathetic plagiarism!
Good job banking on all the idiots who upvoted this on reflex because it was one of the few playable madness games on here. That's right! I gave you a compliment. This is a very playable game.