Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

of course it has music from strike force heroes XD im starting to think that people who like madness combat are more alike than most may realize
wow i made it 10th place of all time but i doubt thats much considering people from this week dont show on this month but i guess it is the 31st so maybe thats why (why is my score so high?????)

1) Nice game.
2) Fun gameplay

1) Enemies looks like zombies.
2) The character who you play as doesn't look like hank.
3) Glitches.

1) Boring, thanks it's short.
2) Hank now can speak?
3) Minigun - nail gun?
4) In madness universe humans are not colorized
5) It's not looks like Nevada
6) We can't pick up guns of enemies
7) LOL, i'm in parking
8) Too short, but i'm glad for that
9) Who's enemies who is friendly with agents?
10) This is not 1995 year, it's 2018 now. But very bad


good game xd

Number One: Hank has been shown before in the series to speak, Number two: The Phone dude is likely the twist boss Number 3: Design choice Number 4: Because you have to learn to dodge, 5: The pistol is good for its intended purpose, being a side arm, Number 6: Yet again, Design choice 7: Because you aren't supposed to, 8: The robot fellas are one of the enemies, and they were designed to be robots, 9: Shotguns are naturally loud, 10: That's a chain-gun/minigun/gatling gun 11. Yes? 12: It's basically a trial for one of his games, 13 See number 12. 13: Not really, since it could be a subversion tatic.