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Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

mate, hotline miami 2 is my favourite game of all time, and "madness meets hotline miami" is pretty misleading, because this is nothing like hotline miami.

f.e.: large view of the are with ants instead of enemies, switching weapons, health depletion mechanic, enemies have health too instead of going down from one shot, ability to RELOAD.
this game is top down shooter, ill give you that, but calling it "madness meets hotline miami" is wrong. the only thing thats left left from hotline miami is, of course top down camera.

also the visuals are disgusting, and the bullet speed is too slow, in my opinion of course.

This is front page material? Sorry man, but it's slow, unresponsive, and overall lacking variety.

This sucks i cant play

Can't play it by some reason ._.

Pretty OK. I admit Hotline Miami in the title was why I clicked.
Don't know why it was zoomed out too much, characters were hard to see.
Gameplay was okay. Also I noticed that the pick ups were from Stickman Sam (and I just realize as I type you made them; where's 5).