Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

Fun game ! But a little too easy i think?

io3creations responds:

Yeah, as mentioned in the description, the game is using one of my engines that isn't finished hence limited enemy AI. Now I'm moving to Unity from Flash and that game engine will have all the features that I want. Including actual Boss fights! :)

Overall, I'm glad that people like the game as is. I was expecting a score of around 3 but it's much closer to 4. :)

Its Fun!
See ya in the Unity Version!
I bet its gonna be great!

not bad

io3creations responds:

Good, thanks! :)

Fun little shoot'em up but hot damn that ending! haha

io3creations responds:

If *THE* Krinkels likes the game, then I'm satisfied. :)

Yeah, I had to add something "emotional" at the end. :D

It's a neat little game, a big turnoff was the JoJo reference and the "Get it? XD"