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Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

At first glimpse, I thought: "Holy Krinkels' 2d Cock, FUCKIN' FINALLY!"
After playing like, for a minute, the only sound I could make was just "meh".
Way to be a buzzkill, lad. I was expecting IMPROVEMENTS since "Will it Slice", but instead you've gone downhill.
But, TBH, if you could made this a bit, you know, FASTER, like in the actual Hotline Miami or Madness Combat, and with a bit more variety to weapons(make Shotgun shoot differently from the Pistol, damn it!) this could be a pretty decent game. Despite the crappy, 2004-like graphics, nevermind the fact what Hank's Head has NORMAL HUMAN PEACHY SKIN for some reason, instead of the typicall MC bright hue of gray, or his mask's Black.
Half a star added for the music, it was actually pretty good and fitting.

io3creations responds:

My current Flash game engine can't handle the Hotline Miami type gameplay and don't have time to update it. But the Unity one will! That game'll have a better resemblance to Hotline Miami . ;)

As for the sking color, I changed it due to visibility reasons.

it wasn´t bad but from hotline miami i expected to die after one hit. this was super easy. and the ending was sooooooooooooooooooo anticlimatic. I really expected a boss of some sort. otherwise not bad.

io3creations responds:

You'll get a boss fight next time! :)

I like Hotline Miami, I love Madness Combat, So... What's here not to hate?

Also, GGs for the jojo reference.

Only complaints: Bullets are too slow and the main character doesn't look like Hank.

io3creations responds:


Hank's skin color was changed for visibility reasons so he doesn't blend into the background.

really nice game. wish i could move faster but still top notch game

io3creations responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

It looked like Hank was flesh colored. How odd. The aerial shot could have maybe been better. This was still very fun. Happy Madness Day 2017! It's a pity that this wasn't submitted on the actual day.

The music was great. It was sometimes hard to use the weapons. I had trouble running and shooting. It has most of what you'd want from a Madness game. I was expecting this to have an actual hotline in it.

io3creations responds:

If I could've, I would've submitted it on Madness Day. ;)

I changed Hank's skin color for visibility reasons. Otherwise it'd be a bit harder to track him if he's the same color as the background since the characters are quite small.