Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

i had fun and i was suprised at the end very good game tho.

io3creations responds:

Cool! :)

Had to include a little "twist" at the end, since there was no boss fight.

Hotline miami and Madness Combat... It's like mixing chocolate and peanut butter, something really spectacular comes out, well done.

io3creations responds:

Exactly! Delicious combo! :D

I've been on NG on and off over the years but haven't seen a "top down" Madness game and thought it'd be fun! If there's one (or more) please let me know.

This is one the best Games on here.
This game has great potential and a lot of room for improvement.
I think the characters were a little too small, maybe make it a little more big maybe an extra pixel or so.
Quick runs are always fun, this one definitely was worth playing.
you could make it more interesting by letting the hero do a small dash, like a slide or something so that the hero could dodge some shots at an instant.
This is just my opinion which i think would make it a little more interesting.
Along with the music score it made the game all the more awesome.
Good luck further.

io3creations responds:

Yeah, many improvements will be coming in the sequel.

Thanks for the dash idea. I haven't considered that but that could work. Especially, since I plan to add other types of enemies where that'll be very useful. ;)

I loved it, but it lagged my computer while playing some of the later missions.

However I still beat it and I'm ready to beat my 84th place record

io3creations responds:

I'm glad you loved it and congrats for beating the game with the extra challenge! :)

really fun and i hope to see more from you in the future c:

io3creations responds:

Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed it! There'll definitely be more! :)