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Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

It's a neat little game, a big turnoff was the JoJo reference and the "Get it? XD"

The game is simple and short but fun. Various weapons are fun although most of the game can be completed with just your fist, so easy the game is, too easy, the damage enemies deal should really be increased and for shooting enemies also the range. Using the fist in a way to not get damaged is tricky and fun trough. It's useful to save ammo. The problem is there never really came a moment all that saved ammo would be useful aside from one of the last levels with only ranged enemies.

When the game said: This is the moment you have been waiting for - I was expecting a cool boss fight. Instead it was just a to be continued game over scree. Very disappointing.

Some tips to improve:

- Make weapons selectable with number keys in addition to Q and E. Q and E is useful sometimes but generally it is unnecessary long and makes no sense to cycle trough pistol and machine gun to go from fists to shotgun.
- Enemies with guns need to have a bigger range to be of a serious threat. Also their damage could have been higher.
- Longer game with more varied enemies using more different weapons could be nice.

I think this game can be viewed as a nice basic engine for something better, add more variety, length, difficulty and other improvements and this could make a cool game.

Slow, visually uninteresting, combat lacks a punch and sense of danger. The only similarity this has with Hotline Miami is the top-down perspective.

I was trying to enjoy the game, despite it's low quality, and I actually did find it passable and something that could be built up from and improved.

But that ending was the biggest slap in the face I've ever seen in any game ever. Not even Mass Effect 3's ending was that fucking disappointing. You shouldn't have released the game in this state man.

It was a good game at first but my character froze midway through the game and I coukdn't move for the rest of the game