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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

Dance Ninja Revolution Wooohoo fun game, good naration, inovative take on a simple system

Gameplay aside (since it is quite simple, yet very effective thanks to how wonderfully responsive it is, props to that), I'd like to point out how finely crafted is the pixel art and animations for something made in a weekend. For such a simple game you clearly took care and made it in a way that felt and looked good.

Excellent job, guys.

Well. Its quite difficult but still interesting)
Those arrows- are assholes! Especially the time when they flying from the up and down gate.
Also you did not write that the spacebar is for the special move. Thats why I really dont understand the time when Im burning.
My best result is a Priest.

Nice game anyway)

This is very good game indeed. Shogun is max for me so far...

Great game, just wish some sort of upgrade or weapon/armor system was implemented.