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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

Good gameplay I guess but in my book any progress based game that even has the POTENTIAL to present you with an impossible scenario is trash.

What is the impossible scenario? An arrow flying at me on one side, shuriken on the other side, and red ninja running at me on another side, impossible 0/5

If only they could add some sort of impossibility prevention, then it would be an amazing game.

Well. Its quite difficult but still interesting)
Those arrows- are assholes! Especially the time when they flying from the up and down gate.
Also you did not write that the spacebar is for the special move. Thats why I really dont understand the time when Im burning.
My best result is a Priest.

Nice game anyway)

Not working for me. Black screen :|

It's a very cool concept, but unfortunately, luck is the dominant factor. All too often, the AI will send combinations of attacks that can't be fended off no matter how quickly the player reacts.

When making a game like this, you need to check whether a situation is possible before throwing it at the player - make sure that there isn't more than one other projectile or ninja about to hit the player at the same time.

You messed up some things with the update. Prior to it I would give it 5/5 since I like challenging games.
I feel as if sometimes it doesn't register my hits so I have to bash it more. The arrows also behave in a strange way - sometimes I had to swing 3 times just to hit it (pre-update you only had time for one swing, so you needed to hit the arrow first, no matter what was around you)
I feel as if the difficulty dropped now - but it's harder to go beyond 3min since some hits aren't beeing registered.