Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

I spammed in a circle and killed literally everything, just found the meta because usually games like these punish you for spamming.

really enjoyable, but infuriatingly difficult. I enjoy the game up until a ridiculously fast arrow kills me out of nowhere, but i suppose it can't be helped.

bad ace

I've enjoyed this game a great deal. Unlike many, I didn't find the number of threats impossible - the game is unforgiving but fair. Personally, the unlockable environments didn't add much value for me - I'd be much more interested in bonus levels that give you a certain enemy composition. All purple or all green challenges, for example.

But honestly, I'm reviewing for one reason: would you PLEASE tell me what the "End of the Line" medal is? After playing for a while, I have to admit that I'm probably not going to reach it. I finally survived more than five minutes today and didn't see anything new, so I surrender. Would you please sate my curiosity?

redforestinteractive responds:

Hi Tarantian,

I'm glad you have enjoyed the game. 5 mins holy cow that's a really long time, I have got to say you were pretty close to achieving the "Monstrous" achievement. The idea for challenge levels is great and we will take that into consideration if we decide to take Death by Ninja further.

Haha I will sate your curiosity!
Objectively the "End of the line" is the second hardest achievement because you have to kill the emperor two runs consecutively in a row.

All achievements have been achieved at some point either within the dev team or on newgrounds or on the pc builds.

Happy ninja hunting.

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