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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

this game is almost amazing but the hitbox of the arrows is fucking annoying because it behaves completely different than all other hitboxes in the game

if you fix them to not kill you while they are still 2 meters away the game would be top notch

Excellent game. Nice quick play sessions, fun dialogue, controls are very responsive. Arrows are VERY satisfying to deflect into enemies. One thing I noted was that the hitbox for the player's strikes seemed to linger just a touch longer than the graphic; a few deflections and kills occurred after the image had already vanished. Certainly not a dealbreaker though!

Reached Emperor rank with 88 kills in 2:23 (after a LOT of tries!)

Game kicked my ass quite a few times. Very addictive! It really forces you to keep your eyes open and fingers ready to be swift. Very nice!

You've been condemned to death by ME, FOO.

I love the game, but it said "Oh how sad"
I responded with "Look at your life"
I feel. great.

I love the game.