Reviews for "Hug me I'm cold"

A friend showed me this game a little while ago, and after playing it one morning, I thought it was really cute and touching. I always seem to keep coming back to play, as well, and I ended up showing it to another friend, too.
Though, what's the name of the song used at the title screen/throughout the game? I really like it but haven't been able to find it anywhere.

Rarykos responds:

Hey thank you! :D
That music piece is called Inner Light, you can find it at incompetech.com and you can download it for free there.
I'm really happy you liked it! It's quite a personal game so that means a lot to me!

This was very cute and definitely different. I feel like I connect with the character you play as well because of the living up to everyone's expectation thing. Great job yo!

‍(ง‍‍ಠ​‍‍͜ʖ‍‍ಠ‍‍)ง‍‍(ง‍‍ಠ​‍‍͜ʖ‍‍ಠ‍‍)ง‍‍(ง‍‍ಠ​‍‍͜ʖ‍‍ಠ‍‍)ง‍‍(ง‍‍ಠ​‍‍͜ʖ‍‍ಠ‍‍)ง‍‍(ง‍‍ಠ​‍‍͜ʖ‍‍ಠ‍‍)ง‍‍(ง‍‍ಠ​‍‍͜ʖ‍‍ಠ‍‍)ง‍‍(ง‍‍ಠ​‍‍͜ʖ‍‍ಠ‍‍)ง‍‍(ง‍‍ಠ​‍‍͜ʖ‍‍ಠ‍‍)ง‍‍(ง‍‍ಠ​‍‍͜ʖ‍‍ಠ‍‍)ง‍‍(ง‍‍ಠ​‍‍͜ʖ‍‍ಠ‍‍)ง‍ indeed :}

is the final question even humanly possible?

Rarykos responds:

Yes! :D But that's not the point. You are supposed to lose and to feel that it's not fair. That's the theme of this story. This is not just a simple "Don't touch the walls" game. There's plenty of those already if someone wants that. This is a story game, and I can always tell when people skip the story and play just that minigame. Because they always feel truly cheated and they don't understand why. Because they missed the theme.

I'm not making an escapist fantasy for children where everything's fair and players can earn a happy ending just because they can move their mouse well.

Yeah man it's amazing and everythinh,a great game i must say,but c'mon,i can't even answer the question in time!