Reviews for "Hug me I'm cold"

The feels... Fuck.

Rarykos responds:

Ha... yup! :D

I love the scent of fresh visual novels in the morning. 'Cause this game has just that.
Not that visual novels are bad, of course. In fact, this game manages to be a decent, feelgood short visual novel. The artstyle is lovely, but it could use a bit more details on the background and... whatever that is crashing into Earth. Sound is meh.
The game teaches us two things:
1) It's true that it doesn't matter waht you say to a girl as long as you're talking and it's cute;
2) You can hit on any girl with THE POWER OF THE MIGHTY RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON!
What I didn't like, though, is the complete lack of difference in choices and that you can't skip the dialogue, instead just making it appear slightly faster. Made replaying this much more frustrating than it should've been. Oh, also little replayability value in a genre that has replayability as a staple.
All in all, it's good. Not for everyone, not exactly touching, but it's cute. Just like a last-day-to-live story should be. Wait, what?

Rarykos responds:

Hahaha awesome review, thanks a lot! :D I agree with everything you said, if this wasn't a jam game I'd make it better, but oh well it's good enough :)
I'm a fan of visual novels, making this was very interesting but only now I realize how many challenges you have to overcome to make a visual novel. For example different routes are almost completely different games, you have to write EVERYTHING from scratch for each one :o

Wow! I really liked that. Wasn't sure what I expected, but I got something really great. Short, but definitely made me smile. Also, penguins are neat.

Rarykos responds:

Yay! Okay mission accomplished, made you smile! :D Ha, agreed on penguins!

I loved it. Like it's different from the other games. Kinda opens ya up to instead of thinking of how you'll seem tomorrow, like idk truly be yourself but one thing is that it's different from cod and fps in general its a good game doesnt bring you stress but satisfaction. Instead of eating something for taste you ate something satisfying by playing this game.

Rarykos responds:

Wow that's an awesome way to put it! I'm delighted! Thank you very much for these kind words! :)

is very hard and cold i need a hug xD

Rarykos responds:

Hahaha *hug* :D