Reviews for "Hug me I'm cold"

Straight up crying right now. Totally worth playing

This game is all at once funny, cute and heartbreaking. What a rollercoaster!

I mean, what started out as me being a tad silly and jokey turned into me just about weeping into my keyboard and getting all philosophical. Absolutely amazingly well written and well done!


So cute and deep ='(
I wanna someone to talk in the end of the world...

Love your game, and love the art too <3

The art style was sooo adorable, the concept is simple & the music really sets the mood. It's just proof that someone can find someone to talk to... Especially at the end of the world.

Rarykos responds:

I'm really happy you liked it and took the time to write your thoughts!
Thank you for playing! *(^_^)*

The perfect combination of morbid and cuteness!
Even at the end of the world, someone still has a more exciting love life than me.

Rarykos responds:

Thank you for writing that, made my day! :D