Reviews for "Hug me I'm cold"

So, not only did I screw everything up, but I actually cried. I got a hug in the end, and let me say...celebrating the end of the world without losing your virginity is fucking tough. Like, seriously. Never getting laid.

I need to find a girl...

this makes me feel VERY uncomfortable and nervous.
considering thats what you're going for with all the 'anxiety' i would say its amazing

I dunno why, but I remembered Rogue One ;____;
Such an amazing game! I love how it flows (even if I only got to answer 1 correctly) and the overall meaning.

Rarykos responds:

Haha yeah, totally Rogue One :D
Thank you! I'm glad you didn't have any problems with the difficulty, some players couldn't choose even one answer correctly :(

I love this. I'm crying right now. Yes, I tend to be overly emotional, and I've had my own stuff lately, but still. Friggin amazing.

Rarykos responds:

I'm sorry to hear about your stuff..
This story was pretty personal to me and I got emotional a few times, so yeah.
But I'm glad you liked it, thank you for commenting!

I think it's intelligent design that you can't really "fail" this game. It's The Final Day! There's no reason left to judge or try to be cool. It emulates apocalypse nicely.