Reviews for "Hug me I'm cold"

Simple and interesting concept, but I suggest you allow us to both skip the dialog and mini games on repeated playthroughs. Because there otherwise repeat playthroughs are too tedious to even bother with.

I feel a tear across my face lol.
'Hug me I'm cold' is an example of prime storytelling and personal emotional output in games. I felt the loneliness, the awkwardness, and the momentary happiness of the story and characters. Would I play this game again? Maybe, because I messed up a lot of times haha. But I won't play this small gem of a game again just because I screwed up in the gameplay itself, but because the feel of the game is compelling enough to play just because so many feel connected to what it's trying to express.

Great game,short and sweet. I feel like it has a really important message but I'm just too lazy too think about it XD. Anyways isn't it ironic that their cold when a giant flaming meteorite is so close to falling on them?

I love it

why does this make me sad?