Reviews for "Hug me I'm cold"

simple yet compelling. sign of genius.

Rarykos responds:

Well I don't know about that, but it's certainly simple!
Thank you!

the end is a metaphor or literally happens?
It is the music of newgrounds portal?

Rarykos responds:

Thank you for playing! :D
I'm telling a story from your perspective, that's up to you to decide!
It's not portal music, but it's allowed because it's free from incompetech

this game is really adorable! the art is so cute and i loved how the characters each had their own personality. This is probably one of the most creative things i've seen in a while!

Rarykos responds:

I'm super happy you liked it! Thank you :D

Really touching game with a awesome graphics. Undoubtly the best dating simulator i have played. Keep up the great work.

Rarykos responds:

Hey, that's awesome, best dating simulator :D Thank you!

Great game!
Simple story fun and sad!
Simple gameplay but who cares?...
Thanks for this little moment of tenderness.

Rarykos responds:

Haha thank you for playing, I'm happy you liked ti! I love your review :D