Reviews for "Hero Agency"

This game is pretty awesome but could use a larger map and more classes. Still, you've all done a fantastic job on this so kudos to you!

Chaz responds:

Thanks a lot!

All right, played through the entire game to get all the achievements. I like the style, I like the sound, and I enjoyed... most of the game. I had to restart once because I messed up with my early plays and ended up never having enough money to keep my heroes alive, but that's my own bad.

In terms of the bonuses you get, I'd rather see these being permanent bonuses, but given that there's not real prestige system I understand that it might've made the game too easy. The way it is now, assuming you have a decent start, the game is fairly easy and fairly short.

Chaz responds:

Thanks for the review. The bonuses are permanent, though.

no bad, but not good either. may want to consider changing the rewards to pernament bonuses. Found it annoying to use the reward then find my new hiries didn't have it

I get what they were trying for, but the first time I played I lost pretty much instantly because I only bought the Marshmellow guys. They were very expensive and I realized that the game could be completed with only humans. So I did that. This game doesn't seem finished but still, overall, kinda good!

It's pretty good, but once you get rolling and have hired heroes for all the slots, there's no challenge, it's just sort of waiting until they all retire. No real replay value, and there's no advantage to hiring anything but humans (at least not that I've noticed)
Definitely a lot of potential here, but needs some extra features and balance.