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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

awesome game and great song
great work

Este juego es muy bueno, es terminante pero entretenido, como cuando quieres pasar el rato, bien hecho

An interesting game

Well that was an interesting game you have some nice ideas and there was some nice flashing ideas on this game so it was kind of fun the music was nice and there was some overall fun elements about this game really nice interface too so nice job all the way around on this game

no changes as this game flowed along the way.


This is a pretty quick game once it gets going. I enjoy the idea, but maybe if there was a way to use your training progress to a larger objective, there could be deeper and more engaging content. As it stands now, it's a really good-looking idle game. Maybe it could be more. I still enjoyed it though!

it was fun... untill i got all heroes max... i mean... it was still a little fun but still

and plz just plz make a sequel