Reviews for "Hero Agency"

I thought it was a really cute game, I faved it so that I could play it again when I have the time UvU

Gotta get that highscore

Good game, I liked the way that it gets eazier over time. I understand why it doesn't save, but if it was a bit more complex there could be even better.

A solid, quick game. A bit too flashy (literally) but I enjoyed how fast everything was. At first, I was aggravated by the "does not save" on the title screen, but I realized after it was over why this is. You can knock this game out in about 20-30 minutes. Not bad, for what it is.

First hero drinks potions faster than he pays for them. Yay, I get to watch my money bleed away to nothin'.

its fun.Hade a good hour.Its a real simple rpg and loved it

Chaz responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)