Reviews for "Hero Agency"

This is some manner of GEBEINYUS! Saved my hungry soul.

Best resource management I've played in a while it's great!

really great game, but not without some issues - really flashy. made my eyes hurt. just a simple red outline or exclamation point would have done just fine. also, a 'help' menu, maybe, and more stuff to do? i kept feeling like i must be doing something wrong because it got old very quickly. there was no explanation of how the town map worked, none that i could find, anyway. this sounds very critical but it really is great, i just had to mention these things.

A good game overall with a nice idea and gets one to think about sons of heroes that may not have cut the mustard I did a video review more in depth here. The game does what it sets out to do with some polish and finesse and that is commendable so good job on that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssxxMr_JACQ&t=8s

What a fun little game. Thank you so much. :)