Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Yeah this is good. Its just not much to it after 30 minutes. I would try to incorporate the town more, and your guild/agency, which doesn't even get a building in town LOL. Random customers with special quests, find the magic macguffin thing... and of course being able to add classes and actual gear to your heroes would be nice.

I loved the game! to win the game it's to be patient and only buy potions when your hero is about to die.

keep it up xx

Chaz responds:

Thanks! :)

Fun and quick game. Feels like there's a lot of room to expand the game into, which is great! Few suggestions:

#1 - Variable Speeds;
I didn't feel like I had a lot of time to make decisions, since my heroes' health dropped so fast, and for a time the best economic decision is to keep your heroes on 0 potions until the last possible moment. There's the pause button, but simply having a few speeds available (Slow, Average, Fast) would help with this and let me explore things a bit more.

#2 - More Hiring Options:
Hiring right now is kind of silly. I got the Elf and Marshmallow just to achieve the town reward, because Humans right now are the best. Starting with 3 Potions is worth 1500 gold, which is worth WAY more than any of the other starting bonuses. What if instead you got a preview of the hero's stats, and those stats were slightly randomized? Now you have a better idea of whether a hero is "worth it" or not. Each class can give you an idea of what they'll bring to the table, but it's not the be-all, end-all.

#3 - Add Classes
Right now, each hero just gives you different starting packages, but all heroes, once upgraded, work identically. What if they did different things? Again, each race you can hire has a preference, but three classes would be cool. Warrior, Wizard, and Thief. Warriors reduce health loss for all non-Warrior heroes, Wizards increase the attack speed of all non-Wizard heroes, and Thieves increase the amount of loot gained by all non-Thief heroes.

#4 - Make Skills More Balanced
I saw a big difference when I upgraded Loot. I did not see a big different when upgrading Skill, Health, and Wisdom. I think Skill made my character gain loot and XP faster, but Wisdom did almost nothing except level up my characters (which had no effect). I realize that upgrading health extended how long they could adventure without needing potions, but again, I didn't see much increase. So yeah, Wisdom's the biggest offender. What if there were some spells you could cast, and each point of Wisdom across your heroes sped that up, and each Wizard gave you a new spell?

#5 - Bosses
Each time you want to level up your adventuring company, your heroes have to defeat a boss - something with a count-down timer, with the timer sped-up by each point of Skill your heroes have (the boss' health), and another timer with a length determined by your heroes combined health. There needs to be a money cost to fighting the boss, so failure means that you've lost that money. Heroes still lose health during this fight at the regular rate, but gain no loot. Defeating the boss gives a single-time payout of a bunch of loot too.

Hope this all helps for Hero Agency 2!

Chaz responds:

Great feedback, thanks!

Just like it's been said, your income is so low and potions are so expensive, that you can't upgrade your heroes. All you can do is buy potions or your heroes will die. And if your heroes die, you don't get to hire one for a low price, your game is just over.

If the balance was fixed, it could be fun. But, the balance is completely broken, so it sucks.

Really nice graphics, simple to learn gameplay, and very satisfying! I love short games like this. Thanks for making it!

One question, why do my honored heros all have a blue sky background, except for my first human, who has a red sky?

Chaz responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The sky backdrops when honouring heroes is randomized :)