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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

10/10 This take me 40 min. to win and i really enjoyed it ALSO GOT ALL ACHIEVEMENTS!!!

I had started this game twice without finishing it because I had other stuff to do....
But I got hooked so I went back for it and the third time was the right one I could finish it.

The only bad point is that once you understood the game mechanics you will end the game it is pretty clear.
But appart from this the graphic style is cute and works fine, the music is also pretty nice and overall the game mechanics make it worth the time.

It was a great adventure for my mercenaries and so I retire...

A fun little game that's intended to be played in one sitting. It looks pretty enough, though there isn't much depth. Beating the game is easy as pie as long as you remember that in a resource gathering game the most important thing is the almighty dollar. I think the "high score" board doesn't really fit this game. Finishing the game with a higher profit realistically just means "how long were you willing to sit and grind adventurers. Past a certain point, the single biggest challenge becomes paying enough attention to not let someone retire before you fire them. Even letting them die isn't a big deal once you have enough cash. Repeat ad nauseam.

Still, if you don't try to be competitive and just play the game through to it's end, its a nice game.

Love this game! I didn't have the heart to sack one of my hero's or let them die though.. heh

At the beginning it requires player to efficiently distribute his limited resource on several investments. Depending on how well this resource was distributed, the game will either progress swiftly towards the end with a constant acceleration, or drag slowly to the inevitable dead-end. After efficient resource distribution, game requires player to attentively observe several colored indicators at the left corner of the screen and promptly perform certain actions (fulfill potions mostly, but also raise skills and hire new heroes), while also observing his resource status on the right side of the screen and planning his actions accordingly. As the number of indicators grows, the attentiveness challenge becomes more complicated, since player has to manage several sources of information simultaneously, at increasing speed and with additional audiovisual noise (camera shaking, colorful popups, sounds, etc.) At certain moment in the game resource's profits outweighs heavily its drains (hiring heroes, spending money on skills and potions) and the game pretty much plays itself from this point on, only requiring player to claim rewards in shops and occasionally refilling potions slots for his heroes. Additional challenge is revealed at the end of the game and consists of competing with other players online for the biggest overall profit. This adds new layer to the game, as it justifies sacking mechanic by giving it an economical purpose.
Choosing of a looting skill at the beginning seemed as a dominant strategy to me at first, but after finding myself in a dead end with two dead heroes and one unable to progress due to the lack of money on potions, I've understood that this is ultimately the ONLY strategy to successfully progress in this game. After realizing this, game ceased to be of any meaningful challenge, and, especially on the later stages, played itself for me. Shops' goals seemed distant and unobtainable at first, but as soon as the game sets on its rails are achieved with no sweat. Hero hiring cost, again, only matters at the beginning of the game and later loses any requirement for meaningful consideration doe to the giant profits your other heroes are making. Online competition component may be adding some "spice" to the game, but ultimately challenge of gaining the most profit seems like that of stubbornness more than that of skill, since the hiring/sacking mechanic allows for potentially endless play. Overall this game seemed to me all about starting right and then just enjoying a short, fast ride to the end.