Reviews for "Hero Agency"

I thought this was a nice little game to play. I'm oddly addicted to passive games even though I never really see the point in them. :P I guess it's the medals/achievements that keep you coming back and wanting to play them.

My first run through I basically played with no strategy. I bought heroes as soon as they appeared, no matter how much they cost and I just purchased upgrades randomly. The second time through I played with some strategy and if anything there was maybe only a 5 minute difference between gameplays with barely any difficulty change. So the game is kind of not challenging no matter what you do. I never used the pause feature on either run through.

I wish the map would have been larger. It may have added an additional challenge if there were several more pages to the map with more adventures as people may have gotten distracted enough to forget to buy potions. I see that you say each character has different effects, but is that obvious anywhere on the screen? Is that information someone can even figure out and use as a strategy or is it just randomized?

The sound, music, and art work was all really fitting for the gameplay. Overall, I enjoyed it, but would have liked to see a little bit more of a challenge and a bit larger map/mission selection.

Competent but limited.

That's the gist of it: the game plays rather well, the interface is well done and the music fits.
However, there really is just too little content to warrant a higher score, in my opinion.
Now that's not to say that what's there is anything less than good, but the game really has zero replay value, and barely warrants even one playthrough.
I would very muc like to see more meaningful decisions associated to stats upgrading, value to having higher level heroes, better rewards for more interesting quests, and so on...
As it is now, there is little reason to upgrade anuthing other than looting in the early game, and then shoving in some strength and health.
Even just two looting is enough to pass the tipping point of affording a hero's potions, and that's really the only challenge. After that, it's only watching.

Chaz responds:

Thanks for your input!

For what it is, it's very enjoyable. One complaint of mine might be that I can't really see what they're doing on their adventures when the little messages pop up. I saw a few references in there, and I think that could have been done a little better. Perhaps slowing down the text and adding in more humorous messages as they increase in level?

Otherwise I enjoyed the game very much. The sound was cute and enjoyable. It fit well with the game. The character types were cool, but it didn't seem to matter which type was picked (as most of the time they started with almost nothing anyway). The progression started very slow, and then picked up very quickly until the end. Replayability isn't very high, but I don't believe that's the point. Artwork was good. Did no experience any bugs or glitches.

Well done. :)

Chaz responds:


Sorry but this is far from being a complete game. So much of it is half-finished and overall seems like a half-assed attempt at making a game. 2 stars for the attempt but no more.

What a one-trick pony.
The graphics, music, and the overall effort put into the game works alright, but in terms of the gameplay... its just sad.
The whole game tips on whether or not you can balance potions and gold income. On my first playthrough I was slowly starved out as I had no idea what the upgrades did, but on my second playthrough I went all out looting and got onto the fast-track of beating the game in 2 minutes, then won in about 15 minutes of staring at my screen.
The game really falls flat on this stat system, as 2 of the skills are counter-productive if taken at the wrong time.

Here's the gist of it:
A hero needs about 2 in looting to be able to supply themselves with potions.
When a hero hits 99, you lose them and their hero slot.
Now, skill increases the production speed of heroes while knowledge increases exp gain. EXP is only useful for finishing the game once you've already "beaten" it, and beating it is simply done by getting your hero to 2 looting and then up looting and health slowly while keeping potions up. In other words, your task in this game is to figure out that only 2 of the stats will help you win while the other 2 will help you win/lose faster depending on which direction you're going. Not fun; not challenging.
2 stars for effort.