Reviews for "Hero Agency"

A nice game. it is addictive, creative, and it resembles some of the resource management games, like The Kings League and other games. However, the only problem I have is handling all the flashing lights on screen. Every letter that comes up will start flashing wildly and, in later parts of the game, your adventurers will go in and out like a whirlwind, with 2-3 flashes within a split second. This is just a honest opinion. The game is overal great, but, the flashing lights... My eyes hurt :(

Solid title, takes a bit of trial and error to figure out how to make a second hero viable. Everyone having trouble: upgrade looting first.

Would like a way to stop the screen shake. It gets pretty bad when you have 6 heroes levelling up near constantly.

Potion seller simulator. Dude, you made good game but not perfect.

I started, it looked interesting, but i quickly realized that there was no way to manually obtain gold, and i could not figure out how to disable an adventurer. i figured they'd just stop when they're on the verge of death. overall the main problem i have with this game is that there is no way to obtain gold manually which completely ruins the game.

Chaz responds:

You stop an adventurer by switching his green light to red or pressing the pause button on the side. It's also explained in the tutorial. Also please note this game isn't a clicker, it's more of a management type game.

Was kind of challenging at first but after a few minutes of gaming it turned out to be simple and easy, nice work.