Reviews for "Bloodungeon"

Amazing hard game. Along with the crazy gameplay I find great music, sounds and very nice retro text effects. 553 deaths to complete is too much? Guess it's because I'm an old fart.

A good challeging game that you can come back to and beat your old score.
I doubt that anyone could beat the no death on their first run, if they did then they have my respect.

awsome game
love hard games like this
and there was no problem on the game that i can tell
i beat the game but i dont think i ll try any of the other medals

thx for the awsome game

How am I supposed to click anything? There are no instructions in the game or notes on how to click either with the computer mouse or with the keyboard. I have no idea if this is a good game or not since I cant get past the menu screen. The one option I could try is the mute button. The ability to mute the game should be in a menu not something you cycle through with a toggle switch. If it were a toggle switch I suggest one button for music and one button for sound. I like to play with sound and sfx but not music

It´s a cool game but the controls are way to loose, making the game harder and at some point it´s taking the fun.