Reviews for "Bloodungeon"

5 Stars to you, Sir. Seems like nobody figured out how to get the "cheater" medal yet :P

I really liked this game. The music fits at every stage very well. Simply fantastic!

1074 LIVES MAN..... but i did it. good game good game and that opening music is amazing!

looks like it would have been fun, too bad the screen transitions didn't work most of the time.
I could rarely get from one room to another and more often then not I could go back to a previous room but not forward to the next one.

I'm legitimately shocked. When I play a game and die multiple times in the same room, I usually rage or cuss or quit, but THIS!!! I didn't feel anger, I just felt downright overjoyed when I managed to clear a particularly difficult room. Five stars from me, for you, my friend.