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Reviews for "Bloodungeon"

fucking cool concept

Game specially made for Korean cyborgs but i liked (i could only beat it with 466 deaths... :(). However controls aren't so precise so some parts were harder that they should be from level desing.

I'm going to admit right now. That one screen with the arrows firing at you that you have to go over twice is the hardest. There just seem like a million things that can go wrong there. It's still a good game. It does annoy me how repetitive it is. There was just no chance for a break.

The music was really nice. The sprite work was great too. It's just impossible for me to love. It's still quite a good concept. For those who are really good at timing, play it!

An interesting game. Shame that the controls feel way too loose and it looks like there is delay, making many levels harder than what they are. Was playing until what i think was level 7? until i died and the game froze.

Wow, I love everything about this game
Incredible gameplay and progression. Great mood with amazing music. I'd almost say it's the best web-game I've ever played