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Reviews for "Bloodungeon"

I really liked this game. The music fits at every stage very well. Simply fantastic!

1074 LIVES MAN..... but i did it. good game good game and that opening music is amazing!

looks like it would have been fun, too bad the screen transitions didn't work most of the time.
I could rarely get from one room to another and more often then not I could go back to a previous room but not forward to the next one.

I'm legitimately shocked. When I play a game and die multiple times in the same room, I usually rage or cuss or quit, but THIS!!! I didn't feel anger, I just felt downright overjoyed when I managed to clear a particularly difficult room. Five stars from me, for you, my friend.

Great concept. Not a game for me, but even I can appreciate how it's made.

Controls are very smooth and responsive. Checkpoint after every screen, no waiting for the game to load or transit pointlessly between deaths (I sincerely thank you for this, many games fail by wasting time because they add needless animations), not lagging and we can even change the framerate if we have any problem (to be honest, that's the first time I heard about changing fps in a browser game).

Wonderful game, just not my type.