Reviews for "Bloodungeon"

Its a great game that can really make you frustrated but with patience you can get ahead. I hope I can finally beat it

Excellent skill game, very tense and challenging!

I like the retro pixel graphics, and all the traps that look ominous and creepy. The death animations were hilarious at first, but they got old quickly. I particularly think the selection in music doesn't do the tense, fast-paced aesthetics any favors, being mid-tempo dubstep-ish songs instead of something faster and heavier which would be expected from a game where you have to do everything as quickly as possible to avoid certain death.

The gameplay consists in venturing through a linear dungeon while avoiding deadly traps such as crossbows, spiky floors, spiky walls, huge spiky blocks that hurl themselves against you, rolling spiky logs and many other things. You have to cross every room in ten seconds, and that involves not only speed, but also quite a bit of accurate timing and positioning, where you have to discover exactly where and when you can make certain moves, and the limitation in time makes it all even more tense. There are also a few times where you have to think in order to move on, figuring out how to best interact with the scenery's objects in order to move on (for instance, sometimes you need to use a spiky block to shield yourself from the arrows shot by crossbows, or something of the like, and figuring that out becomes crucial for success). This fast-paced quick-decision style of gameplay makes for a pretty enjoyable and challenging experience. Heck, I died a whole freaking lot. I don't exactly remember how much, but it was a lot. Be ready for a pretty hard game.

There are, of course, a few issues: first of all, I absolutely hate that some parts are a lot more frustrating than challenging. What I mean by that is certain parts depend a lot more on trial and error than actual skill, and that's a problem :\

really addicting, 635 deaths... didnt expect the ending to be what it was.
I was expecting it to be a boss fight or something...

Not the best game. It was fun but I just didn't like it for some reason I can't explain. Don't be discouraged.

209 deaths. Fun little game. Disappointing ending, I was hoping for a boss fight.