Reviews for "Bloodungeon"

Game was hard as fuck, but I enjoyed the time I wasted.

It reminded me a lot of duke dashington (which is good). The difficulty became insane, but I still managed to beat it with 174 deaths. I'm not even gonna try the achievements, that's borderline impossible.

Very similar to Duke Dashington in a lot of ways, except crank up that difficulty level quite a bit moreso.

This is probably one of the hardest medal games, period.

743 deaths holy shit but its worth it at the end this game REALY take alot of skills i can't believe that

some one died 0 time but still 10/10 gr8 job on it

btw i know that you can speed run every room in the game you just need to know how to do it

618 deaths... shit... This game need an amount of skill! Great game dude!