Reviews for "Bloodungeon"

hahahah loved it till I achieved the ultimate death of killed by two spike blocks.
in fact my death was so ultimate it crashed the games.
anyways good game long time since I've seen something like this done so well.
thanks for the fun.

This... is amazing. I love it so much. It's a game that's balanced perfectly so that it's very obviously possible but so frickin hard. Honestly my favorite part of the game is the timer. It definitely instills a feeling of "F*CKING YOLO!" And something that was fun through playing this is that my eyes were easily able to track the patterns (speaking of which, beautiful art) but my hands were just like "Nope! We're going to die 26 times before we leave here!" The music loops nicely, and I actually didn't look at the story or get very far, but I can tell it's great.


eff your ballistas, eff your stupid Ice and spiky-ass walls, floors and turniloops!
eff the rockets, the movy spikers and ESPECIALLY eff the sawblades. stupid moving rectangles >.>

I'm unsure as to what you wanna say with that "yolo mode" button.

It doesn't load in mozilla, so bad, I want to play it :(

Fairly hard game, nice concept and interesting overall

small request: Can I get the music for the game somehow? Like, all levels' music.

Xaychru04 responds:

Thanks for playing!
You can get the soundtrack here: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/2b230848553a6b9020aeb685a05b043f
I added the link to the game's description.