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Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

Another amazing game by scriptwelder! As good, if not better than the first 2 instalments. Great atmostphere and the story is just as awesome.

Another Scriptwelder hit! atmospheric and spooky with an original story and a creature that is perhaps the most incidious of them all! well done! As with all SW games, this will challenge you buy has a logical progression that will lead you to the ending with a bit of lateral thought. I have to say that the problems posed in this game are actually really well thought out. Top marks!

Stellar, as always.

I could nit-pick at minor things that irritate me (such as not being able to poison yourself with the dissolver for good measure), but they add to the experience via characterization. Other than that, this game had everything it could ever need, and a Markiplier reference! I can't imagine how a game so short could be any better.

As for the players out there, just remember...DON'T ESCAPE.

m8 i r8 it an 8/8 plz don't h8

Not often you see a horror game in space, I gotta admit, living crystals that inhabit a human's body like parasites. That's pretty clever. Good job.