Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

I knew this game would make it's way on Newgrounds. As expected, here is yet another fantastic piece of art, made by the one and only, scriptwelder. Returning to the roots with another space-themed, puzzle adventure game, Don't Escape 3 is once again a very potent flash game that deserves top ratings. While slightly more difficult than the previous one, Don't Escape 3 seems to be more story oriented this time, as you try to figure out the mystery of the spacecraft which had its entire crew violently murdered. This did make me more curious and kept me hooked on to the game for a longer time than the previous one. The game is not completely real time, allowing you to think how to solve the puzzles, and only consuming time when you are doing a specific action... although it seems our character has never heard of multitasking. The few horror elements are sporadic, but well placed to create a creepy athmosphere. Finally the achievements are well placed to mark all the different endings that you can obtain. I've made a video on this game to show my real time reaction to it: https://youtu.be/QciZ3NaCI5g . All in all, Don't Escape 3 is another great flash submission that will go down in the history of the series. Good job, and good luck on making more amazing games.
*** SPOILERS ***
For the Hull Breach end you must put the bomb in the lab(on the crystal) and blow yourself up with it... you might need to grab the small crystal outside the ship though.

You have made many great games at this point, and this one was fantastic, I haven't quite finished it 100% yet but I will soon. I just wanted to reiterate something I mentioned in a previous review, which is that I don't see any reason why you shouldn't set some time aside and make a VERY long game, and maybe even get it greenlit on Steam? Make a massive game that takes a few hours to complete.


Great game! Continues the theme of previous installments, combined with "Deep Sleep" series elements (ex. sharing similarities with the twist from "The Deepest Sleep");
More detailed than previous "Don't Escape", though I would've preferred more variations with the endings.
Would've been pretty cool if this tied in with "A small talk".

Very good games, like all the game '' Don't Escape''