Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

Best serie I know ;)

Ok... this was pretty fast

Yet again we have an amazing game from the brilliant mind of scriptwelder. I was thoroughly enthralled by the tale, music and the well placed jump scares. I find this installment to be perfectly creepy but not as jarring or mentally scarring as, let's say, the Deep Sleep games. I find the balance between a well told short story and gut wrenching fear to be delightful and perfect. 5/5 stars and like every game I've played by scriptwelder, I plan on gushing to all my horror game fanatic friends about this little gem.

what was the point with the food?

Liberate Tuteme Ex Inferis!

Beated it and achieved everything. This game has same quality as the rest of series - flawless. The only thing I think could be fixed is reducing time bonus, as it was quite easy to do everything in time, even with mistakes. Also, getting pass code is a bit odd, but I can't think of better but similar way to place it in game.

Anyway, great job!