Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

need more don't escape games

Exemplary game. I've gotta say, this was very interesting on a philosophical level. I love the ending where you get picked up by the ship, after being infected, and it basically says the ship isn't heard from again...

Massive plot-twist right there... :-) I hope quite a bit of people got that bit.

Really interesting concept nevertheless, it'd be so cool if scriptwelder could continue this, make a sequel to this; I think he could go a lot of ways with this, like somebody that actually has to somewhat run and hide or kill the astronaut, or otherwise the player :-)

Straight up awesome game. Not too hard, but not easy either for sure! Specially if you want to earn all medals. Just nothing else but good things to say about it.

And for anyone who has problems getting the last medal, there's a scrap piece of crystal hidden. It's easy to find it and makes more sense if you think about it. You blow up the entire ship to the point where nothing of its inside remains, yet still there still is a piece of crystal. Think about it, space man.

Your games = Amazing
I loved every single "Don't Escape" Game, and the second one is my personal favorite.
Good job on making this one! Your work is amazing and I hope you make more in the future, not only "Don't Escape" , but other games too, I feel like they would be just as good, maybe better, and your work is really nice. Thank you for making these games and for all the effort you put in them.


Awesome! It's the best part of this series, I love it.

P.S: There's a little bug. [SPOILER DOWN THERE!]
If you blow up the lab first and "learn the truth" after it, you will be able to return to the lab and blow it up again, and you'll have 5 minutes left regardless of how many time you had before. I've just forgot to check the lab camera, so I guessed the last number of the door code (unlimited trials, a bug maybe...), and found it.