Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

After playing the first two Don't Escape games, I preemptively gave this a five before I started playing.

I was not disappointed.

Stellar, as always.

I could nit-pick at minor things that irritate me (such as not being able to poison yourself with the dissolver for good measure), but they add to the experience via characterization. Other than that, this game had everything it could ever need, and a Markiplier reference! I can't imagine how a game so short could be any better.

As for the players out there, just remember...DON'T ESCAPE.

Yet another beautiful and immersive point and click game by Scriptwelder. The puzzles felt challenging but were pretty intuitive. There was very little pixel hunting to do. There were few too many red herrings for my taste; I wish I could have at least attempted to put something I brewed up onto my pancakes. Very great work anyways!

I love this series!!!

amazing game i am a lover of this pixel art style In other games you need to escape but in this game it is don't escape i have played all off it fully amazing great work.