Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

I had a great pleasure and a ton of fun completing this game. Coming from a fan of your games, I haven't expected anything less than incredible from you. Don't Escape games are, without any doubt, one of the best representatives of point-and-click games, the genre that is very hard to stay original, fresh and interesting in these days.

Just like the previous instances, all the staples of this great series are there: incredible, outstanding visuals, a particularly unique and creepy atmosphere of loneliness and despair, fine puzzles (the 3d printer section can potentionally cause troubles, but it's a good way of forcing people to pay attention to your surroundings and learning them not to act carelessly ). Personally, I found them to be of perfect difficulty: neither insanely hard, nor fairly easy. The time consuming mechanic, while it does have much much less effect than in did in the first two games, is a nice touch. The story itself, however, was a bit inferior to the first two games, in my humble opinion. It wasn't neither as straightforward as the first game, nor as compelling as the second one. Aside from the obvious from the first minute "You are the killer" standpoint, the addition of those crystals was an out of the blue excuse that didn't feel needed. The lack of characters' development didn't help ( though there probably wasn't much of a space for it ). 5/5, 9/10.

I love these games so much. Again, you guys knocked it outta the park. All these achievements really feel like accomplishments to get.

i liked DE 2 more than this. You are not dropped into the unknown and have to find the best way to survive like the last game. You don't have 4 places to go and have to find the best combination. But it's nice to follow up the Story from your other game, "Primal Sands", maybe we get even more about this.

I loved this game. The atmosphere, the music, the mystery horror. It was brilliant. The only nitpick I have is that the space suit doesn't allow you to survive without air longer - even when you're wearing it when air runs out. Even with that small nitpick, this game is well worth 5 stars. It's a brilliant, moving piece of science-fiction horror that makes me eager to see what else you do in this series and other works.

Those games are awesome.