Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

i know of no other indie developer that consistently puts out such outstanding content. scriptwelder, you're fucking awesome!

Once again, great game! I always appreciate your work.

For anyone who needs help finding all of the achievements/endings, I made a walkthrough. I hope it helps. <https://youtu.be/Ko2UW2-IrWM>

First of all, the atmosphere was perfect. You guys are typically really good at that and this one was no exception. The semi-urgent opening was a bit of a surprise, though. Normally, you guys start out slow and let the player figure out what's going on first, but this one threw you right into it.

Over all, the sound quality was pretty good. After a while, I found the music to be a bit distracting, but that's just an personal opinion. Most of the other sounds were great. Even the doors had a slightly jarring sound (to me, anyway).

The story was interesting. It wasn't necessarily unique. I predicted most of the plot after the first 2 minutes, I'd say. Consequently, the plot twist at the end was a little less shocking than I think was anticipated. But the pacing and writing was great, as usual. Always giving you enough to keep you interested while not revealing too much. On that note, do you do the writing on your own? I've always wondered about that.

I have both played and enjoyed Don't Escape 1 and 2. Each one is built off the same idea, but is a completely different approach. I like the themes you have had for all three games, now. Each game has been unique, interesting, and completely different from its predecessors. The other two games were very good, but I think this one is definitely the best so far.

I made a playthrough of it, in case you are interested. Although, any more, you have professional Let's Players recording your games. <https://youtu.be/K0dI-wr6GY8?list=PLsSOKVAVAvm9Ohn8Rg24Qu4V7OthzEkZz>

Once again, I am a big fan of your work and have enjoyed all of your games. I appreciate the effort you put into this one, and I look forward to anything else you might create.

hard. i wish some other random things the printer makes had uses

10/10 would totally bang

Goddamnit, this is a classic! It's fun, replayable, has a great story, amazing visuals, so on so on, so on. It did absolutely EVERYTHING right that you can do with this genre and style. One of the best games on Newgrounds, period. I keep coming back every few months, just to experience it again.