Reviews for "Duke Dashington"

Cool. I like this!

Pixelated graphics, but nice looking nonetheless, fun music, goes with the tension of the game's fast-paced action. The presentation is not extremely beautiful, but it's good.

Once again, following in Jussi's tradition with alternative-control platformers, this time around you control an explorer that's in a big hurry to pick up ancient treasures from a crumbling temple. Whenever you press a directional button, the character flings himself towards that direction in high speed, and you need to be very quick in order to get past each room in less than 10 seconds. The controls are simple to understand, but still quite different from a regular plaformer.

The stages are designed in such a way that they become pretty easy to complete once you know exactly what to do, but at least in some stages, figuring that out is not that easy. One has to really learn to take advantage of the sceneries, the dashing function and even gravity in order to know how to get past certain obstacles, open ways, etc.

Also, it doesn't hurt that "Nenapmis" is "Simpanen" backwards ;)

My only complaint is that certain stages felt like filler, where what needs to be done to get to the end is redundant and simple, and doesn't pose that much of a challenge. There are, of course, mostly challenging stages here and there, but some felt pretty much like filler.

Dude super addictive. I like the pixel art theme.

holy fuck this game is hard!! love the pixels man:P man haven't played a game like this in a while:3

Upon completion of the 1st level the game, i was prompted with a window, after that the game stayed at the 1st level with no indicators to proceed or scoreboard of any type was shown. The Falling Rocks animation continued though. Looked like fun, but what fun can i have with less than 10 seconds of play time?

I love this game! I know I really shouldn't, simply because of how difficult it is. What do you know? This truly motivated me to keep playing the game! I'm pretty much lost with Atlantis. It's amazing how fun you make something so hard.

You have to keep on going and going with this. I love finding out what's coming up next! Its difficulty seems to change. Maybe it's just how I play the game. It's great as a puzzle game too. You really have to figure out where to go with it. I'm so glad this is on the front page!