Reviews for "Duke Dashington"

It was a lot of fun! It's like Wario + The great cave offensive. :)

Pretty fun game and quite challenging. Graphics are on point.

neat game but timing based games really kill my buzz.

That is to say that when you know what you must do, but the challenge is to do it at the PRECISE time to avoid traps, closing doors, moving platforms ect. is very tedious, boring, and frustrating.

These type of "timing" games become a matter of trying it over and over until you get it right, and do not require much skill in the end, it requires patients and memory instead.

just to be clear, i do not mind it being a time trial, i have no problem with completing a task before a deadline, i just do not care for the "challenges" stated above

Amazing, as always!

Great bits, this is a fantastic game. The 10 second limit keeps things brisk and no puzzle too difficult.