Reviews for "Duke Dashington"

Gotta love the originality, challenge and level design of this one. Graphics and music were nice too.

This game is amazing! The game has a good storyline a good puzzle layout and good 8-bit graphics.

Action puzzlers. I didn't even know that kind of thing existed.

Nor did I know such a thing could be executed this well.

I also like how even with a tiny time limit like 10 seconds there's still a little room for error. Plus the music is very nice, since I never grew tired of it even though I've spent hours going for those no-death medals (and still do).


Also, Duke reminds me a lot of Timmy from your earlier game Dangerous Dungeons (of which I'm a big fan of) in that he's a treasure hunter, but unlike Timmy, who's obviously an amateur, Duke's been doing this for so long that he knows the art well enough to just enter the dungeon, retrieve the treasure and get out of there. He still can't swim but at least he knows how to not drown :)

If you can reply to my question it would be helpful, I have beaten the whole game but still have not got the atlantis medal. Is this a bug? Good game though.

A superb game. The unique concept, fun challenge, and the easy yet responsive controls combine to make a delightful experience. It looks like a platformer but plays like a puzzle, with the best traits of both.