Reviews for "Duke Dashington"

Very well made. Pretty, Wario-inspired pixel art, well-crafted puzzle design that gradually adds new things and develops them and a sweet soundtrack to go with it all. I only wish it were longer.

I hope this isn't the last we see of Mr. Dashington.

this was great! challenging without being super frustrating. Great controls and style, would like to see more of Duke.

Man, this is quite the adventure. Good work.

It funny you made this. I was recently playing a game with "Orbox" like controls (you move in a direction and keep dashing until you hit a wall) and thought, "Wouldn't be cool if you could change direction mid-dash in this sort of game?" That could have made previous dash/ logic games too easy, but adding in all those obstacles and hazards made it work!

Superb game. The graphics and color palette are attractive, the music is awesome, and the game is fun and challenging. I'm not a fan of timed games, and in this one I often wished we had more time to think, especially with all those timed obstacles. But it seems that you've made this one more about skill than logic, even if there were a few puzzling levels.

For the most part, it was relatively easy, but Hades Mountain levels 24 and 30 were just mean . :-)
The extra challenges look to be quite hard, though.

I love this game! I think the control scheme is simple and incredibly easy to pick up fast and I really enjoy the music and landscapes. I really love how similar this character is to Wario. If you were going for that, you succeeded because I thought about Wario immediately upon playing. Great game! Cant wait for more!