Reviews for "Duke Dashington"

Good work man! I wish stencyl still worked for me. I've reinstalled it a half dozen times. Keep up the hard work!

I would love to meet the masochist who goes for the flawless run medals.

Pretty fun game. :P

The game is really good, but too hard to finish without dying.

This is brilliant!
I can't believe you managed to make such a good, and quite extensive game in so little time. The story is simple and cute, and reminiscent of retro games. The mechanics are really simple, but pretty much perfect for the game. What impresses me the most is the splendid level design. Using just the mechanics given, a small screen, 10 seconds, and a few elements, you managed to create 120 creative stages, with four different themes. Not only that, but you kept things interesting by adding some new elements along the way. I'm guessing that some of them were made post-compo?

The art style is nice, as is the music.

I'm not surprised at all that this won #5 place overall.

Great job ;)