Reviews for "Duke Dashington"

Too hard. I gave up on lvl 1 "sigh"

A fun game with a neat concept, but it definitely benefited from the extra polish when you remade it. The controls don't seem quite as tight here in the original, making some puzzles very painful.

Great freaking game. I'm kinda addicted to Duke Dashington. I want all the medals.

My one complaint is that I wish there was an easy, quick way to back out of the game and go back to the menu screen to start over when you screw up. I have to keep refreshing the page and loading the whole thing up again.

This week i came back to try to unlock more medals from your games because you are one of the best in this site, i finally did get all the medals in this game, it is one of my favorites from your games, i like the challenge from the limit of movements with just dashing, plus the obstacles,timing and puzzles makes this game really challenging, even more for the medals(Flawless volcano run is kinda of a hell) , the game is fair but can be really hard bcause of the medals, i dont think is a problem in this case because no one is obligated to get the medals, i just wished that there's a restart from the beggining, because i was kinda getting angry from dying and needing to click again and again, sometimes i needed some seconds for me to click and go to the level select etc , but at the end this was satisfying.
The art style and music are fine, i like the themes of the levels, every temple with it's on visual and challenges , implementing new mechanics like the swim. One last thing was that sometimes i pressed to dash and didn't this happened after playing a lot, i think maybe was because my pc, but i even lose one medal because of this, almost on the final and i didn't dash because of this kinda lag...but anyway, a good game and i happy to finally beat 100%, wish you can make more new games with your challenges and creativity

*gets all medals

Superb game, hard but not impossible. I like the way it makes us push ourselves in order to complete it without deaths.